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222.gif (19592 bytes)Powder Coating - Hot Coat System
General Applications


In last few years, Powder Coating of automotive parts and accessories has become very popular with enthusiasts. This popularity with powder coated products has encouraged many aftermarket manufactures to offer their products dressed in these new finishes. Everything from alternators to engine brackets are available in a wide range of powder colors.  Even some re-production parts are now being offered in powder coated finishes.

Ok, what happens if your part is not on the list of new powder coated products?  In the past, this meant you would need to have them finished by a professional coatings shop.  For small parts, this is simply not cost effective. Short of having a chassis or other parts of the same scale coated, small parts coating was definitely in the realm of the customizers. The good news is there is now an affordable powder coating system for the home shop.

The new HotCoat powder coating system now provides the average hobbyist with an easy to use powder-coating system for the home shop.  Available through the Eastwood Company, the HotCoat system provides a high quality, tough polyester finish at a very low cost. 


You may be asking your self "why powder coat"?   Powder coating is the best protection you can apply to part for corrosion and chip protection.  The polyester finish is very tough and durable (10 times more durable than spray-on paint).  Powder coated finishes are resistant to chemicals such as fuels and brake fluids.  Coated parts are heat resistant to 350 degrees and will not fade or deteriorate under UV light. When properly applied, these finishes are flexible enough to dent without chipping.

The cost of powder coating parts with the HotCoat system is comparable to that of spray painting with much better results.  The real saving are in the clean up, you will not have to use any solvents or deal with any messy over-spray.  The HotCoat system is environmentally friendly. Since powder coating does not rely on solvents, it helps reduce emissions of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) that result from the use of solvent propelled liquid paints. [more]