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Classic Truck VIN Data

1951-1952 Ford Series 2 

The Vehicle Identification Number
First & Second Digits: Identify The Series.
Series Code
F-1 Conventional F1
F-2 Conventional F2
F-3 Conventional F3
F-4 Conventional F4

Third Digit: Identifies the engine


226 cid, 6 cyl.


239 cid, 8 cyl.


Fourth Digit: Identifies the model year (1951)

Fifth and Sixth Digits: Identify the assembly plant
Assembly Plant Code
Atlanta, GA AT
Buffalo, NY BF
Chester, PA CS
Chicago, IL CH
Dallas, TX DI
Dearborn, MI DA
Edgewater, NJ EG
Highland, MI HM
Kansas City, MO KC
Long Beach, CA LB
Louisville, KY LU
Memphis, TN MP
Norfolk, VA NR
Richmond, VA RH
Somerville, MA SR
Twin City (St. Paul), MN SP
Last Six Digits: Identify the consecutive unit number.

The Max. G.V.W. (Lbs.) Code
Series Type G.V.W (lbs.)
F1 Conventional 4,700
F2 Conventional 5,700
F3 Conventional 6,800
F4 Conventional (single wheel) 7,500
F4 Conventional (dual wheel) 10,000

The Cert. Net H.P. at R.P.M. Code
Cylinder Horsepower
6 87 HP @ 3100 RPM
8 90 HP @ 3500 RPM

Transmission Code
Type Code
3-Speed regular 3
3-Speed heavy duty 3HD
4-Speed spur 4
4-Speed synchronized 4SYN

The Rear Axle Code
Model Standard Optional Overdrive
F-1 3.92:1 4.27:1 4.09:1
F-2, F-3 4.86:1 4.11:1  
F-4 5.14:1 5.83:1  


The Production Code
Month First Year Second Year
January A N
February B P
March C Q
April D R
May E S
June F T
July G U
August H V
September J W
October K X
November L Y
December M Z