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Classic Truck Articles Section

A Guide to Selecting a Project Truck
- Continued
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The introduction in 1955 of the "Task Force" trucks was the biggest mechanical change to GM's truck line more than 10 ten years. These trucks followed the lead set by Ford with the introduction of the 1953 model F-100. The F-100's brought about the need for GM to increase cab size and modernize their trucks. The "Task Force" Series runs through the 1959 model year.

The 1955 - 1957 style trucks are very much in demand and everything in the way of parts is available for them. These trucks also make great first time project trucks. Also these are the first trucks which were offered the small block V-8. V-8 upgrades in these trucks is very easy.

There are no big changes until 1960, when GM changed the from the straight axle to a torsion bar suspension. This lasted only through the 1962 model year. In 1963 GM switched back to the straight axle. This retro-designing was part of GM's effort to cut costs. These trucks are pretty much the same mechanically. The 1960 - 1962 trucks have X frames which supported the torsion bar setup and are different from any other year Chevy truck. Parts are somewhat more difficult to find and pay for on these trucks. Unless your really nuts about these trucks, I would not recommend them due to their poor resale and flat market appeal.

By 1963, the cab height of GM's trucks had drop and the cab widened. GM introduces the new 230 inline 6 to replace the old Stovebolt 235. The 1963-1966 trucks are the first of the modern body style trucks. These trucks are more comfortable and easier to drive. They have more room and make good daily drivers. Parts availability for these trucks is very good. These trucks have made a very good come back in the last few years and are growing more popular all the time.

The 1967-1972 trucks carry on the previous improvement with a more desirable look. These trucks are highly sought after in the market today. Many good examples can still be found and prices are in the affordable range for now. These trucks make an excellent investment truck as well as very fine project trucks. Parts availability is excellent, with almost everything available. These trucks make excellent daily drivers and hold there resale value well. [more]