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 Classic Truck Shop Garage
All my life I have been surrounded by talented restorers that were willing to take the time to pass on their knowledge. I consider myself fortunate to have had these opportunities and then to be able to apply what I've learned.  Information gathered from these experienced professional is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to learn the process of automotive restoration. The Navigation to the left, are your links to this information.

At Classic Truck Shop, we are dedicated to the promotion of the automotive hobby through the sharing of quality restoration information.  For the uninitiated, the advent of the Internet presents an unequaled forum for the sharing of this type of information. Until now, applying this new media to the restoration hobby has been hit and miss. Finding good information can be difficult and time consuming.  Powered by Classic Truck Shop, the CTS Garage is your best online resource for classic truck restoration information.

Our commitment is not just limited to those new to automotive restoration.  Long-time restorers are welcome and encouraged to participate in this new media for the exchange of information. New product reviews and articles on new techniques will help keep the most experienced restorer up to date.

As part of our service, we have called on those experienced in the automotive restoration field to join with our friends in the aftermarket parts industry to provide some of this information and to help answer your questions about automotive restoration. The information provided here makes the CTS Garage a truly unique medium and we hope you'll enjoy the experience.

Ted J. Welch
Managing Editor