Hudson Truck Page

This page is for pictures of Hudson Pickups that I find on the Internet or take myself.  In most cases I do not know the people in the pictures.  My purpose is making this page is to consolidate pictures of Hudson Pickups for perspective on colors, looks, and to provide different views of the Hudson trucks.  If you have a Hudson Pickup and want to send me a picture, I will be happy to post it with the rest. (If you find your picture on here and want it off, let me know).  Email to:

1946 Hudson Pickup with a 1955 Hudson 308, twin-H power motor.

I believe this is a 1947 Hudson Pickup.  Awfully nice isn't it.

Here is a nice red Hudson Pickup.  It is possible the red truck below is the same truck.

A nice black pickup, one of the three colors offered by Hudson.  The other two were gray and white.

You may be one of those people that have laid awake at night wondering what the stepdown pickup would have looked like.

Stop wondering!!

Another nice black truck.

Same truck different view.

37 Terraplane Pickup

Here is an excellent restoration of a 1946 Hudson Pickup. I found the pictures on e-bay. Click on the picture or here to see all the views.