Car Audio Systems Explained
Maybe this should be called the "Car Audio myths debunked" page. There's a lot of ridiculous claims 'out there' on the market. I've seen the cigarette pack sized amps that claim 200 watts output, but being an electronics tech, I tend to see through the male bovine excrement of that silliness. Hopefully I can supply some laymen understanding of some car audio terms and explain the meanings of specifications in the back of the stereo and amplifier manuals. Unfortunately, this page kind of turned into geek-speak, so you will have to just read what you want to know about.
A few classic Suburban sound ideas
Here's where I planted the amp. It's under the glove box. Another view of the amp's location. It's almost not noticeable from above.
Here's where I mounted the CD player. The "clock" is a WWII aircraft altimeter. Great for mountain driving!! Click for a better view of the diagram of how the CD player is mounted solid under the dash.
Lots of room in the side walls in the back end for the Sony 6x9's... ...and in the thick doors as well.  
6 1/2" Blaupunkts went here.
...and lows!!
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