Member's Rides ~ Gallery Two

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Jolly Goodfellow's
Old COE Trucks
(and a few 'Burbs)
 Clarkston Fire Department's
First Responder truck
 Mark Long's 1965
Chevy 4x4 Suburban
Fast Eddie's 1941 Panel
 Bob Snyder's 1965 
1 ton GMC
Eric Johnson's 1948 Chevy
David Gilbert's 1972 Suburban
Jim Beidatsch's 1963 Suburban 
Carlos' 1948 Panel
Gordon McArthur's
1971 GMC
Glenn & Christine's
1956 GMC
Paul Potter's
1965 4x4
 Scott's 1954 Chevy
 Anthony Moreno's
1958 Panel Project
 Richard Silsbee's
1964 GMC Project
 Pat Worden's
1955 Chevy 
Lowrider Project
1948 Fuel Rail
Frame Off Restoration
 Bruce's 1965 GMC
Daniel Reynold's
1959 Chevy
Ken Noll's 
1960 GMC 4x4
Eric Pesci's
1957 Chevy & 1958 Napco
Henry Hill's 
1966 Panel project
Brad Camp's
1956 project

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Some of these images were scanned from Hi-8 Video tape using a Snappy 3.0

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