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The WebMaster's Odometer Rollover Celebration

     The old 'Burb made it!! Mike, the club historian & I went on a many-mile hike in the Paloose river country. It's hot, dry, rough desert country, and we were dead tired by the time the odometer did it's rollover for the N'th time. We rolled along slow and parked in front of Dingle's Hardware just as it rolled the 99999.9 over to all zeros. Time: 8:15 pm. Date: Saturday, August 25th. Place: Dayton, Washington. 

     We'd left Pasco about 9:00 am and were hiking until almost dusk before heading back home along a scenic route. Dayton is a very old town with lots of false-front brickwork stores. There was a 1940-something Packard parked across the street although we didn't get a picture.

     That's your's truly leaning on the 'Burb still wearing the dusty hiking boots from the trail. We still had a hour & a half drive from here to home!!

When I bought my 1965 GMC Suburban a decade ago, the odometer was showing about 67,000 miles. It was assumed to be 167,000 miles, and the first time it rolled over to 00000.0 it was a yawn. But... this will be the second time it's shown all zeros since I've owned it. This time, it  will be 300,000 miles! ...or is it 400,000?

Thanksgiving 2000 weekend in the mountains and caves of the Mt. Adams area. (Washington state) Updated 2-3-2001

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1965 Suburban's October 2000 trip.

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